A divination is an empowering session to align you with your larger purpose, which will translate into a deeper sense of belonging, meaning and flow.

Machiel utilizes cowry shell divination for his sessions. You will be asked to spread a pile of shells, stones and other attributes on a special “divination cloth”. This spread is what Machiel will read and interpret. Through divination you can get deeper insight into your life path, gift and purpose, relationship dynamics, financial situations, health, or anything you would like to figure out.

Machiel is a gifted diviner who embraces the spiritual healing tradition of his country of birth, South Africa. Several years ago the African shaman Malidoma Some recognized him as a diviner, and since then Machiel has been in an apprenticeship with him. In early 2017 Machiel finished his official training program and was initiated as a diviner.   

At the same time, he has engaged with other shamans and sangomas from Africa, particularly from his native country, South Africa. They continue to teach him how ‘to see with the spirit eyes’ and connect to the Other World. He has learned many indigenous African healing techniques.

Enjoy this blog on divinations and a testimony.

Here is Machiel’s Diviner Certification from Malidoma Some.

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Fee: sliding scale between $125-$200 for an hour session. (You can pay with PayPal, over the phone, or with a check.)

Schedule a session and contact Machiel at machiel@machielklerk or call him at +1-801-656-8806. Or book a session online in the fixed schedule here. (if not a fixed time in the fixed schedule, just email or call Machiel)