6 Class Course

In person – Jan 19 / Feb 22 / March 22
Online: Feb 8 / March 1 / March 29
Time: 7-9pm EST

Location: CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) 123 4th Ave #2, New York, NY 10003

Tuition fee: $600, unless:
-You sign up before Jan 10th and pay only $350
-You sign up before Jan 5 and pay only $350 and also get a complimentary one on one dream hour worth $175.


Realize your dreams in 2018 – by asking your dreams for help

About the course: Learn how you can realize your dreams, by pro-actively asking your dreams for help. This is called dream incubation. In this 6-class dream work course, with 8 participants maximum, Machiel Klerk will explore the ancient technique of dream incubation. This is a way of proactively asking your dream a question before you go to bed for help with anything in your life. Whether you would like to have an answer to a health, vocational, or love question, or if you wish to explore the nature of reality. Machiel will explain how asking the right question can trigger a dream that allows for a transformation of consciousness. Machiel is very practical; he offers many examples while teaching you how you can easily do this yourself. You will also learn ways of being with the dream answers.

Content: General overview of dream incubation. Learn to identify what to ask. Learn how to formulate the dream incubation question. Learn rituals to trigger an optimal dream response. Learn a way to work with your dream.

This course will combine theory and practical work with your dreams.

This 6-class course will meet three times in person and three times online.

Dream teacher Machiel Klerk is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has studied Jungian Psychology for 20 years. He followed a course at the Jung Institute in Zurich, and has a Master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Plus he has finished an additional 3 year training in depth psychology and dreamwork with Robert Bosnak. Machiel developed his own style of working with dreams called Dream Dialogue. He is also a gifted African diviner. He has published articles, gives workshops and lectures in Europe, Africa and North America. Machiel is also the founding president of the Jung Society of Utah and Jung Platform.