Machiel is an international speaker who is invited to give keynote lectures and workshops in Africa, Europe and the United States each year. He has developed a unique style of working with dreams, called Dream Dialogue.

Machiel also works with organizations, both non-profits and for-profit helping business leaders to tap into their creativity and stay focused.

You can hire Machiel for your event/organization to talk on these topics:

  • Dream Incubation (Lecture and workshop)
  • Five basic features of a dream (workshop)
  • How to live a dream life (lecture and workshop)
  • Jung, Ancestors and our lives (lecture)
  • Ways to work with dreams (lecture and workshop)
  • Dreams, Drugs and Addiction (lecture)
  • Dream Ritual (lecture and workshop)
  • Lucid Dreaming: the basics (lecture)
  • or request a specific topic

For organizations and business leaders:

  • How to Focus (lecture and workshop)
  • How to tap into your creativity

Contact Machiel to speak at your conference, event or organization

 machiel@machielklerk.com 801-656-8806