With his considerable experience in different healing modalities, Machiel is an excellent general therapist and has, over the years, specifically been sought out for his specialization in working with dreams, with individuals requiring trauma support, people struggling with addictionheartbreak (grief and loss) and people wanting to live a High-Performance life.

He has also worked intensely with adolescents and young adults for many years.

Machiel’s Specialties


Machiel has a warm and considerate demeanor which makes him very effective in working with and treating trauma. His empathic and holistic yet very pragmatic approach to healing is one of the key reasons why people seek him out as a therapist. Through his extensive experience in the Embodied Imagination method, other trauma-informed embodiment practices, and the different traditions and modalities around healing trauma, Machiel is able to compassionately guide trauma survivors to find their way back to empowerment.

Heartbreak / Grief and Loss

Machiel is specialized in helping people deal with heartbreak and, in particular, with grief and loss. Machiel has himself experienced the deep heartbreak of losing his father at a young age, and initially didn’t have the skills to work effectively through his own grief and loss. This has given him a deeply lived understanding of what the barriers are to working with heartbreak, as well as what is needed to heal from the devastating pain of a life-altering loss. Machiel has also explored many traditions and their approaches to healing grief and loss.

Working with dreams

Machiel is highly gifted in finding the medicine in dreams. With his interest and orientation in Jungian psychology, he has been studying dreams for more than 20 years and is globally regarded as a dreamwork expert. Dreams are very useful as a diagnostic tool to identify and help address any number of life challenges people may be facing; they can be helpful in breaking habitual patterns; and can be a source of creative suggestions and prompts from the psyche to initiate change. Machiel is very good at helping you to experience in your body the different states of consciousness of the dream. With his extensive travels as a speaker, Machiel has worked with over a thousand people and their dreams from around the world.


Machiel worked as a resident therapist at a drug addiction clinic for two years. As a result of his experience there, he is highly sought after as a therapist in the area of working with addictions like substance abuse and Internet pornography. He also has an innate understanding of and ability to work with co-dependence issues.

Adolescents / Young Adults

Machiel has a natural capacity to work with adolescents and young adults. He gained valuable experience in this field at a residential treatment center for clinically complex teenagers where, for four years, he worked closely with these teens and their families.

Optimal living / High-Performance

Therapy is not only for when you don’t feel well or if you’re trying to make sense of your world. It can be an ongoing means of giving form to your gift and purpose, and Machiel is able to help you embody your creative genius at your highest level. It is ideal for those who want to dance and express their creative spirit in the best way possible. People interested in delivering top performance (whether in work, life or sport) also visit Machiel in order to sharpen their focus and remain highly creative.

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.” 

- Carl Jung

Therapy with Machiel

Machiel is deeply interested in psychology and healing and is passionate about his vocation. He regards it as a tremendous honor to be a witness, companion and support on people’s life paths. Some of Machiel’s patients join him for short-term treatment to address their most pressing issues, while others engage in deep and meaningful long-term analysis. His compassionate yet practical and direct style allows him to support his patients through any number of life challenges they may be facing at any given time.