Machiel is a gifted diviner and embodies this spiritual healing tradition of his country of birth, South Africa. Several years ago the African shaman Malidoma Some recognized in him a diviner, and Machiel has been in an apprenticeship with Malidoma for one and half years to learn the divination.

Next to that Machiel has been working with the shamans and sangomas from Africa, and in particular from his native country South Africa.

Machiel has been visiting South Africa frequently to work and train with the African diviners and sangomas. They continue to teach him how ‘to see with the spirit eyes’ and connect to the Other World. He has learned a lot of the indiginous healing techniques.

A divination is a method to connect with your life path, and the deeper undercurrents that run your life. Through a divination you can get insight into your gift and purpose, relationship dynamics, financial situations, health or anything you would like to figure out.

A divination is an empowering session to align you with your larger purpose, which will translate in a deeper sense of belonging, meaning and flow.

You can also invite him to come to your area, contact him at machiel@machielklerk.com or call him at +1-801-656-8806