cloudsMachiel Klerk is a world renown dream worker, and he developed his own style of working with dreams called ‘Dream Dialogue’. Machiel has been working with dreams for over 20 years, and he is so passionate about dreams as they helped him connect to his own life path and contributed to a sense of meaning and flourishing in his own life.

Machiel is a certified Embodied Imagination therapist, as he successfully completed a three year training program at the school of Robert Bosnak. Machiel has learned a lot from dream workers as Robert Waggoner, Robert Bosnak, and Carl Jung. Next to that he travelled the world to explore the ways that people work on dreams.

His short CD on Rumi and the World of Dream has become one of the most sold CDs on dreams in the last decade. He has published articles, gives workshops and lectures in Europe, Africa and North America.

Enjoy an interview with Machiel on dreams here, done by Dr. Dave from Shrinkrapradio.com or read this short blog interview with Machiel

You can book a session online to do dream work with Machiel. The two of you will then over the phone or over Skype / FaceTime work on dreams.