Mental Health Therapist

headshot3Machiel is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He has been practicing therapy since 2006.

Machiel is deeply interested in healing and loves being a therapist. He feels it is a tremendous honor to be a witness, companion and support on people’s life paths. In Machiel’s early twenties his interest in therapy came about when he started his own healing journey to deal with the grief and heartbreak of losing his father at the age of 10. Not dealing with this loss in a proper way in the years before and a lack of purpose in his life propelled him to undertake an inner journey that did lead to an ability to come to terms with life and the death of his father. At the same time he did connect to a sense of purpose and meaning. At that time Machiel became a ferocious reader and student of Carl Jung, and other healers and modalities, which never stopped. In his thirties he become a therapist. Machiel has traveled the world to study with people about their healing traditions, he spend a year in Asia and learned several healing modalities, worked for years with the medicine man from Africa to learn their style of healing. He read hundreds of books on psychology, went into a Jungian analysis, studied a summer at the Jung Institute in Zurich and did a three year course to become an Embodied Dream Therapist with Jungian Analyst Robert Bosnak. He works with the great psychologists alive to build online courses, and of course Machiel finished a Masters Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.

Machiel worked two years at a drug addiction clinic, several years at a residential treatment center for clinically complex teenagers and their families, and has been very successfully in private practice since 2011. Machiel works these days mainly with individuals and couples. He has a full schedule and is booked a lot, therefore he likes to work with people dedicated to their own journey. 

Contact Machiel to inquire around working with him in therapy. Call 801-656-8806 or email