CD: Rumi and the World of Dream

By Machiel Klerk, LMFT Intro and bonus feature by Coleman Barks


In Rumi and the World of Dream, Machiel Klerk uses the intuitive insights of the poet Rumi and many other sources to blend his own insights and exercises into a clear exposition of the importance of our dreams, how we may access their wisdom, and render more conscious the deeper currents which course through our daily lives.

Length: approx 40 minutes. Incl. an 11 minute bonus feature by Coleman Barks

Machiel’s Dream Incubation Course

4 class course on how to ask your dream a question


In this four class course you will learn how to connect with the world of dream, and get help and suggestions on how to realize your goals. Dreaming can help you with health, relationships, inventions, vocation, creativity and to explore the nature of reality.