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Machiel is an award-winning social entrepreneur

Machiel is an award-winning social entrepreneur who combines his passion of social mission with business-like discipline, innovation, and determination. He has the drive to find solutions for social, cultural or environmental issues. To this end, Machiel has on numerous occasions been recognized by his community for founding and growing the non-profit organization, The Jung Society of Utah. He was also acknowledged in Catalyst magazine’s ‘Catalyst 100’, a listing of 100 people who have made Salt Lake City a more compassionate and vibrant place to live.

A Visionary

The Community Foundation of Utah recognized Machiel as one of the ‘Enlightened 50’ for ‘making a measurable difference in the lives of Utahns through innovation, collaboration and commitment to the common good’. They called him ‘a visionary who brings deeply impactful and highly accessible depth psychology education to Utahns’.


Following the directives of a nighttime dream, Machiel founded in 2009 the non-profit organization the Jung Society of Utah. This organization has been providing psychological education and community to the people of Utah. There have been over 75 events with more then 20,000 guests who enjoyed some of the best speakers in depth psychology and spirituality

Machiel founded the Jung Platform in 2011. The purpose of this dynamic online educational organization is to make top-level psychological insights available at affordable prices to people all over the world.

Machiel works with business leaders helping them connect to their vision, develop creativity and the art of staying focused. 

He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Languages and originally had a more traditional business start to his career. In 1999, after a number of years in business, he co-founded the company MyCall, which very quickly became the largest provider of Internet applications for travelers staying in business hotels around Europe.  The company was operational in 13 countries.  MyCall was successfully sold to iBAHN in 2004.  During that year, he took a sabbatical to travel independently through nine countries in Asia and to study Eastern healing modalities.  At the end of that year, he moved to the United States to work for iBAHN as a Global Product Manager where, for three years, he successfully introduced and managed iBAHN’s products within the global market before moving into the field of social entrepreneurship and psychology.

Machiel does business coaching on creativity and focus, and you can schedule coaching sessions or workshops with him. Contact Machiel at machiel@machielklerk or call him at +1-801-656-8806

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