Machiel Klerk

Machiel Klerk

Machiel Klerk

Machiel Klerk: Guiding You Toward Healing, Creativity, and Purpose

With nearly two decades of experience as a psychotherapist, Machiel specializes in helping individuals connect with their innate healing and creative wisdom. Whether their biggest challenges involve mental health issues like anxiety, trauma, relationships, grief or how to creatively express their soul. He possesses a profound ability to listen and be fully present, offering empathetic and intuitive insights to uncover problem areas and facilitate personal growth.

Beyond his psychotherapy practice, Machiel is also an author, inspirational speaker, proficient dream analyst, and the visionary founder of Jung Platform. These endeavors are all dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to a more engaged, creative life in harmony with their life’s true purpose.

Discover “Dream Guidance” by Machiel Klerk

Exciting News! Machiel Klerk’s book, “Dream Guidance,” published by Hay House, has achieved bestseller status, resonating with tens of thousands who are seeking to manifest their dream lives.

“Dream Guidance” is your key to receiving profound guidance and wisdom from your dreams. You will learn how to ask your dreams a question, and get meaningful supportive answers. Machiel’s insights and expertise guide you on a transformative journey, where your relationship to dreams becomes a powerful tool for personal growth and living a fulfilling life.

Machiel Klerk - Dream Guidance Book

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Endorsements & Praise

“Machiel Klerk has assembled a rich collection of ideas, tools, and examples showing how to open a dialogue within and be guided by that source which knows us better than we know ourselves.”

James Hollis, Ph.D
James Hollis, Ph.D

“Machiel Klerk has written a remarkable book on dreams…”

Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore
Author of Care of the Soul

“How do you live your Soul’s call? This beautiful, engaging book offers guidance for tapping into the deep wisdom dreams offer each night. Put it by your bedside, and it will change your life.”

Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., LMFT
Director of the Soul’s Body Center

“Dream Guidance offers a rich resource of ideas…”

Michael Meade
Michael Meade
Author of Awakening the Soul

“A new way of working with our dreams—and a way to light up our waking lives.”

Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey
Author of The Hope and Engoldenment

“Dream Guidance offers an easy, open, and effective approach to engaging our inner wisdom and its advice!”

Robert Waggoner - Author of Lucid Dreaming
Robert Waggoner
Author of Lucid Dreaming

“In this very accessible book, Machiel Klerk explains the brass tacks of dream incubation.”

Robert Bosnak - Author of A Little Course in Dreams
Robert Bosnak
Author of A Little Course in Dreams


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