Machiel Klerk: Guiding You Toward Healing, Creativity, and Purpose

As a seasoned licensed mental health professional, Machiel passionately serves a diverse clientele, spanning both the United States and abroad.

Machiel is dedicated to helping individuals find the therapeutic medicine for life’s complex emotional and psychological challenges they encounter. His expertise lies in helping people connect to their own inner healing wisdom, explorations of the soul suggested directions, dream work, and nurturing creative expressions.

In addition to individual therapy, Machiel offers a range of services, including enlightening lectures, engaging workshops, and insightful consultancy on various psychological topics. Explore your path to healing, creativity, and purpose with Machiel’s supportive guidance.

Machiel Klerk - Psychotherapist


Machiel is a licensed mental health professional with a diverse clientele.

Machiel Klerk - Dream Worker

Dream Worker

Machiel is recognized around the world for his research and work on dreams.


Machiel gives lectures and inspirational workshops all over the world.

Spark healing and creativity with Machiel’s insights!
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