Therapy with Machiel

With nearly two decades of experience as a psychotherapist, Machiel guides individuals in connecting with their inner healing and creative wisdom.

As an attentive listener with a keen psychological insight, he offers compassionate yet practical support through various life challenges. Machiel sees the unfolding of a person’s innate destiny in the life challenges that people encounter. By viewing symptoms and troubles in that way, medicine can be brought to the wound, and healing can be experienced. This paves the way for a return to the natural flow of life and an unfolding of their unique life journey. He considers it a tremendous honor to be a companion and witness on each person’s unique life journey.

Machiel’s therapeutic practice began in 2006. However his interest in psychology has been there from years before, from a young age. He has studied intensely psychology since his early twenties. After attending the Pacifica Graduate Institute to study for his Master;s in Counseling Psychology, he gained valuable experience during a practicum at an addiction clinic and worked extensively at a residential treatment center for adolescents. His commitment to personal growth and healing is reflected in his belief in the concept of the therapist as a wounded healer, finding healing for one’s own wounds so one can tend to other people’s wounds. This allows him to be an effective healing professional for others.

Machiel has a versatile Experience and Expertise. Machiel has lived in 4 continents for a year or longer, and is able to engage with people from different cultures and backgrounds. As the founder of Jung Platform, Machiel Klerk has created a flourishing company and community dedicated to self-realization and personal growth, fostering a nurturing environment for profound transformation.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal fulfillment with Machiel Klerk as your guide. Connect with your inner wisdom, unleash your creative potential, and embrace a life rich in meaning and purpose.

Fee: $250 for a 50-minute session or $375 for a 75 min session. (Machiel does not accept any insurance). He holds his therapy sessions online at the moment.


Engage with the creative adventure of being alive.
Find healing and personal fulfillment with Machiel as your companion and guide.

Spark healing and creativity with Machiel’s insights!
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