Jung Platform

Our own soul speaks to us through different ways. It is our intuition, synchronistic events, and also through our dreams. I had a dream more than a decade ago that I took as a suggestion to build a platform for soul and Jungian psychology. Initially I build a non-profit organization and then an online educational platform titled the Jung Platform.

These days I spend a fair amount of time managing this company. I do that mainly with my sister and a dedicated team. I see building this company as an expression of my art. It is my ongoing painting. It brings a lot of joy to me to do this.

We are offering accessible programs for personal development. Many of these programs are rooted in Jungian psychology and have the aim to connect you to the depths of your own being. A good place to start for Jungian psychology is James Hollis on Shadow work or a fantastic introduction to Jungian Psychology. Further, just take a look at what we are offering, ranging from Synchronicity, Tarot, Archetypes, on how to deal with Narcissism. Check out Jung Platform here!

Video with the dream…

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