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Machiel Klerk is a seasoned psychotherapist with a profound passion to guide people to connect to their healing and creative wisdom. He is recognized as a dream expert, international speaker, and published author. He is also the visionary founder of Jung Platform.

He has been a psychotherapist since 2006, and currently has an online private practice. Machiel is fascinated by healing traditions. Next to obtaining a master’s degree on counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, he studied extensively Jungian Psychology. He has traveled all over the world and studied many cultures and their healing and dream traditions, and in specific the African traditions as South Africa is the country of his birth.

His therapeutic expertise extends to assisting those dealing with mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief, as well as addressing existential questions surrounding meaning and purpose. Furthermore, he offers guidance for individuals seeking to ignite their creativity across all aspects of life.

Machiel has published a book ‘Dream Guidance’ with Hay House and has vocationally been guided by dreams. In fact, he founded the Jung Society of Utah and the organization Jung Platform as a result of a nighttime dream. In appreciation for these contributions, he has received several awards.

Born in South Africa, Machiel embarked on a journey from his early youth, relocating from South Africa to the Netherlands, and later spending a transformative year in France during his teenage years. His adventurous spirit led him on a year-long backpacking adventure through Asia before eventually making his way to the USA in 2004. In 2023, he set his roots in Mexico City, where he continues to live and dream while inspiring and guiding others on their transformative journeys.

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