Dream Worker

Machiel is a gifted dream worker recognized around the world for his research and work on dreams.

Machiel is a gifted dream worker recognized around the world for his research and work on dreams. Answering his calling as a dream worker, he has written Dream Guidance (Hay House Publishing), founded the Jung Society of Utah, and Jung Platform—a leading organization on Jungian and depth psychology. Together with his sister Akke-Jeanne Klerk, he has created many dream summits on Jung Platform. Machiel continues to give lectures and workshops on dreams across the United States, Africa, and Europe. In therapeutic practice, dream work forms a central element in his approach to healing for his clients.

Machiel has studied different dream traditions and has worked with African shamans, western dream workers, eastern dream traditions, and Jungian psychology, etc. integrating them into his unique way of engaging and being with dreams.

Machiel’s Dream Work Services

This is a series of 8-dream work sessions. Often people bring in a dream that they want to work with, or an incubation dream is created that will be worked with over the period. This approach is suited best for a creative project or healing journey.

Fee: 8 sessions of 50 minutes over a maximum of a two-month period, for $2000. Pay upfront $1750.

This is for people who want to engage in a long-term regular dream work whether to work on issues and challenges or stay connected to the creative force that lives through us.

Fee: $250 per 50 min session.

Dream Guidance Box

The Dream Guidance Box

Unlock the potential to bring your heart’s desires to life with our specially curated Dream Manifestation Box. Meticulously crafted, this box serves as a gateway to optimal guidance drawn from the realm of your dreams, enriching your life journey in profound ways.

Inspired by Dreams

In his early twenties, faced with challenges, Machiel found a book by Carl Jung by chance. He has ever since been inspired by dreams, their guiding and healing powers, and has nurtured his special connection with them.

Spark healing and creativity with Machiel’s insights!
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