Dream Guidance: A Conversation with Machiel Klerk & Andrew Harvey

Evoke the mystery through your dreams. This thrilling exchange between Machiel Klerk and Andrew Harvey about dream guidance is for anyone who wishes to live a creative and meaningful life.

Great mystic Andrew Harvey interviews Jung Platform’s founder Machiel Klerk about Machiel’s journey with dreams. The journey culminated in the publication of his book Dream Guidance.

Dreams help you through challenging times and will enrich your life. Dreams guide you in any matter of the heart and life, as the world of dreams is ever present. We only need to reach out and ask for guidance.

This talk explores ways we can re-establish a connection to the world of dreams. It is a connection that some of us have lost in the West, but that is still being valued and cherished in different kinds of shamanic and spiritual practices. By asking our dreams for guidance, we get access to a wellspring of wisdom and we feel more connected to the mystery of life.