Machiel is a licensed mental health professional with a diverse clientele including musicians, actors, authors, and creative entrepreneurs within the United States and abroad. His areas of focus include dream work, soulwork, creative expression, and life situations such as grief, loss, etc.

Therapy with Machiel

Machiel has a soul-centered orientation towards psychology and therapy. In this practice, he encourages his clients to give expression to the soul as the central element and to see the challenges of life as ways that the soul tries to manifest itself.

Machiel is a good listener, has an ability to be present, and has an astute psychological eye. His compassionate yet practical and direct style allows him to support his patients through any number of life challenges they may be facing at any given time. He regards it as a tremendous honor to be a witness, companion, and support on people’s life paths.

Machiel has been practicing therapy since 2006. He went to Pacifica Graduate Institute. He then did a practicum at an addiction clinic, and worked for years at a residential treatment center for adolescents. He moved to private practice in 2012 and has continued to study, learn, and work on himself. Machiel believes deeply in the idea of the therapist as the wounded healer; his ongoing quest to heal his own wounds allows him to be an effective healing professional for others.

Fee: $250 for a 50-minute session or $375 for a 75 min session.
(Machiel does not accept any insurance). He holds his therapy sessions online at the moment.